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Class 8 Assignment Agricultural Studies Question Solution 2022

Examinations at educational institutions have been postponed due to the global epidemic Covid 19, which means corona virus.

However, instead of examinations, various assignments are being taken in educational institutions. From our website you will find different types of assignments. Below is the eighth grade agricultural science assignment.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the people in this country are directly and indirectly involved in agriculture. The economy and industry of this country is prospering by relying on agriculture.

Agriculture must be taken forward to make the country more prosperous. To what should the contribution of scientists be used in our agricultural life.

The new methods that scientists are discovering need to be applied in agriculture and increase soil fertility as agricultural production increases.

There are a number of problems in the agriculture of this country that problems are prevalent almost everywhere. Such as nutrition problems, fertilizer management problems, flood and drought problems, salinity problems.

To solve these problems in agriculture, we have to adopt different methods and we have to be prosperous in agriculture. There are four agricultural universities in the country and one veterinary university where students are studying agriculture.

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They have to spread all over the country and take agriculture to a better level. Compared to other countries in the world, we see that our country is in a much more fragile state than those countries.

It cannot be compared with Bangladesh. Some of the countries that are rich in agriculture are China, Vietnam, India etc.

In agriculture, we are asked to use fertilizers, of which the use of cocoon urea is very significant. Guti Urea Fertilizer has various advantages which are readily available to us and very easy to use.

Therefore, if we use the amount of cocoon fertilizer in the agricultural land, our agricultural production capacity will increase. Not only agriculture but there are many cattle in this country.

We need to fatten the cows by choosing the right food for those cattle. We have to pay attention to animals and birds. Crop diseases are the problem that we face in most cases.

There are various crop diseases in our country such as mosaic, leaf curl, etc. We need to take appropriate measures to manage dead animals, birds and fish and ensure the improvement of agriculture by keeping the environment clean.

সৃজনশীল প্রশ্ন: ১
ক) মিনারা বেগম পুকুরে কি পরিমাণ ইউরিয়া সার প্রয়ােগ করেছিলেন? নির্ণয় কর।

খ) মিনারা বেগমের উদ্যোগটি মূল্যায়ন কর।

২। পলিব্যাগে চারা তৈরী সুবিধাজনক কেন? ব্যাখ্যা কর।


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