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Chittagong Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Dear students, those of you who live in Chittagong and would like to apply for admission in Chittagong Government High School can find important information about the application of this educational institution from our website. There is nothing new to say that in 2022 you will be confirmed for admission through lottery instead of admission test. Although a student gets a chance in Chittagong Government High School every year through admission test and based on the result obtained, they do not have to take the test in 2022.

However, students have to apply for Chittagong Government High School online and a lottery will be conducted on the basis of the application. All the students who will be selected in this lottery will get the opportunity to be admitted in the new class of Chittagong Government High School 2022. So those who have not yet applied will be able to apply from 25th November to 8th December and you will complete all the application process properly within the stipulated time.

When you apply, you will receive a confirmation SMS via SMS and you will know that your application process has been completed. You will receive a copy of the application at the time of application and keep it.

Chittagong Govt High School Admission Result

If you want to know the admission results of Chittagong Government High School for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022, then you have done well by visiting our website. Because on our website you can see these results in PDF file format. In addition, those who want to view the results directly from the website from the mobile browser, they can see the results by clicking on the submit button by filling in the user ID and PIN number given with the application coffee.

Chittagong Govt High School Info

Established in 1906, Chittagong Government High School is now a significant educational institution and a large number of students apply for admission in this educational institution every year. The standard of education in Chittagong Government High School is very good and for this many students have expressed interest in studying in educational institutions.

At present under the supervision of Md. Shahidullah Sir, the head teacher of the educational institution, the students are able to take maximum advantage of their studies and by performing the duties of other teachers properly, the students can understand each of their lessons and achieve good results in the examination.

Students of Chittagong Government High School can study from 5th to 10th class and admission test is held here every year. Chittagong Government High School currently has 2100 students. The motto of this educational institution is know yourself.

By focusing on the motto, each student can express themselves and take advantage of different opportunities to know themselves. So Chittagong Government High School has applied for admission in the new class of 2022. I wish them success according to their application and according to lottery.

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