Check GST B Unit Result 2023 with Total Seat

The results of B unit of GST’s admission test in 2023 have been released today. Those who passed HSC in Humanities and participated in GST admission test had to participate in B unit admission test. The admission test for B unit of GST was held on 24th October.

These results are given after evaluating the answer sheets of the examinees properly after the examination is held. If you are a candidate for GST B Unit Admission, then you can check these results from the official website of GST today. If you want to see these results by going to the official website of GST very soon, then your roll number will be useful.

How to get GST B Unit Result 2023 from the Internet

In previous years, each university took separate admission tests for admission in the first year of graduation. But in 2023 GST took the bunch admission test. A total of 20 universities from all over the country came together to take the admission test. So at the beginning of 2023, the GST authority issued an admission notification regarding admission. Students can apply in two ways in this admission notification.

At first they can make an initial application without any fee. Upon completion of the initial application, their GPA is assessed on the basis of SSC and HSC. Those who have done well in SSC and HSC GPA are nominated for the final application. The final application is completed by them again online by paying the prescribed amount of fee. After the completion of the final application, the admission test of different units of GST started. According to that calculation, the 24th of October is the examination of B unit i.e. humanities department.

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A total of 67 thousand students from all over the country participate in this admission test. However, 94 per cent of the students who applied appeared for the exam. Moreover, it is known that the examination book has not been canceled in this year’s GST admission test. So the candidates duly participate in the test and participate in the multiple choice test of 100 marks.

The subjects from which they were given multiple choice questions were Bengali, English and Information and Communication Technology. They participate in many selective examinations on these issues and the GST authorities evaluate the candidates by showing their answer sheets.

The GST authorities released the results on their office website today. So students will be able to view the results by entering the official website and submitting their admission number in the right place. Here they will be able to understand very well how many marks they got in any subject and also how many marks they got in total.

Later they will be given the opportunity to choose the university according to their number. Their classes will start as soon as they are admitted to the designated university. So you see the results of the admission test of GST B unit and follow the next step.

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Check GST B Unit Result 2023 with Total Seat

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