Barishal Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Every student has a dream to study in a good educational institution. Just as a good educational institution assures a student of good things in terms of learning, so a student comes to a good environment and becomes dynamic towards learning. Parents want their children to study in a good environment and achieve success in life. People who live in Barisal and want to enroll their child in a reputed educational institution can apply for Barisal District School.

Due to the fact that admission test is held every year, it becomes very difficult to get a chance in Barisal district school. However, to be admitted in the new class of 2023, you just have to fill the application form and submit it by paying online. The results will then be published through a student lottery. In other words, without participating in the admission test, a student is getting the opportunity to study in this school through luck.

Barishal Zilla School Admission Result

The results of school admission in Barisal district have been published on 15th December. If you want to know this result then there is a website called Government School Admission and enter there and click on the result. If you enter a student’s user ID and PIN number and click on the submit button, the result will come. To view the results of all the schools in Bangladesh, you can view the results using the user ID and PIN number.

So those of you who want to be admitted in new class in 2023 and want to be admitted in government school will have to enter the GSA Teletalk com BD website for the purpose of applying for admission in Barisal district school and go there and apply. Once the application is completed, you can complete the school application in Barisal district by submitting the application fee through Teletalk SIM recharge in the student’s user ID.

Barishal Zilla School Info

Barisal Zilla School is well known in terms of education system and with a significant educational institution. This educational institution was established during the British rule. The present Principal of Barisal Zilla School, Bishwanath Saha Sir has always assisted the students in various aspects besides providing various facilities for their studies. There are a lot of students in Barisal Zilla School as the students from class III to class X are studying regularly. At present about 2,500 students of Barisal Zilla School are studying.

Barisal Zilla School has a lot of space in all the educational institutions in Barisal. Therefore, if students study in this educational institution with ease, they will be able to get the benefit of different types of academic buildings as well as hang out with friends in the open courtyard.

The main principle of this educational institution is to read in the name of your Lord. So as soon as the students are admitted in this educational institution, they start studying in the name of the Lord and everyone is able to achieve good results.

Moreover, there is a year book green page here to develop the writing talent of the students. In a word, the students can avail various facilities from Barisal Zilla School and they have a lot of opportunities in the sky.