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Bandarban Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Bandarban Government High School has issued an admission notice for the new class in 2022 and many of you may have seen that admission notice. According to the admission notification, students will apply online and at the time of application, if you want to study in Bandarban Government High School, you must put this school first in the list of preference and apply accordingly. Admission test is conducted every year in Bandarban Government High School to conduct the admission process and all the students who can achieve the highest marks in comparison get the opportunity to study in this school.

But the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has arranged lottery instead of admission test for the students as the admission test which will be taken for the purpose of admission in 2022 may increase the health risk of the students. In other words, students will be given opportunity instead of admission test through random selection. So those of you who live in Bandarban district must complete the online application by providing all the information that the student has to provide by putting Bandarban Government High School in the list of preference.

When you list Bandarban Government High School, you need to list four more schools and specify which class the student wants to be admitted to. Once the initial application is completed, you will pay Rs. 110 as application fee for five schools and in case of paying the application fee, you will have to pay in person or take the help of online service shop. Moreover, if any student siblings do not understand the information related to the application notification, feel free to ask questions on our website.

Bandarban Govt High School Admission Result

All the students from Bandarban district who applied for admission in Bandarban Government High School completed their application on December 8, and all are waiting for the results. However, the results will be given by the Government School Admission on 15th December, after which the names of the students and the User ID will be provided in the form of PDF file on the official website of Bandarban Government High School.

Moreover, after the results of the application are published, the results can be viewed on the official website of this Government School Admission with user ID and PIN number and you can easily view the results in this regard. And if any student gets a chance in Bandarban Government High School then contact the school and complete the admission process in full and keep an eye on the waiting list which will be published later.

Bandarban Govt High School Info

Bandarban Government High School is a reputed educational institution for hill boys. Although this educational institution was established in 1950 AD, since then the students of this hilly region have been getting education by studying in this school. So you have made a very good decision by enrolling the children in this educational institution and studying here will brighten the future of your students.

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